When Good Teaming Goes Bad: Reframing the Conversation with our Colleagues


So many times we find ourselves working with a team interpreter without really thinking about it...because teaming isn’t rocket science, right?

But then there are times when we have a bad experience with our team and we don’t really know how to respond to them, or to the situation. Sound familiar?

In this workshop, we will discuss the qualities we need to work effectively with other interpreters.

We will introduce the concept of horizontal violence in the interpreting profession and strategies for addressing it, as seen in related professions.

We will also examine tools and theories from the field of ethics, as well as the types of feedback and approaches we can use in a professional context.

0.6 CEUs available

Workshop Objectives
In this workshop, participants will examine what might have gone wrong in interactions with other interpreters in team interpreting assignments that do not feel successful, and recognize and analyze the reasons for this.

Participants will be able to describe the concept of horizontal violence as set out by other allied professions and discuss how it applies to the interpreting profession.

Participants will discuss and appraise how to directly address problems that arise within a team. Participants will also identify practical strategies to better manage their responses in assignments where conflict arises and the participant feels criticized. as